The Cheese Truck set out in January 2014 to celebrate and promote all that is great about British cheese, through a market stall on London’s famous Maltby Street Market.

In our first two years we’ve sold over twenty tonnes of cheese, and somewhere in the region of 100,000 grilled cheese sandwiches. We've been lucky enough to trade at a wide range of events, from the fields of Glastonbury to high profile fashion events for Alexander McQueen and even spent 6 weeks trading in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The Cheese Truck is dedicated to celebrating the best of British cheese. We work closely with our producers, sourcing all our cheese direct from UK based farms that are making cheese in a traditional and thoughtful way.

Our aim is to share our food with as many people as possible, whilst informally educating them on how great British produce can be. All our dishes are accessible and affordable; we want everyone to have the opportunity to embrace them and be part of our British cheese revolution!

We’ll always keep our cooking simple and traditional to allow the superior quality of our produce to speak for itself.

We’ll only serve food we’re proud of and we’ll only ever serve food that puts a smile on your face!

Because, quite frankly, we love a smiley face…..

"This Cheese Truck could be the best street food truck ever…” - Metro


"The Cheese Truck have reached new heights in the art of melted sandwich fillings” - Timeout London

"The Cheese Truck is the festival circuit's signature cheese supplier”  - Esquire Magazine


For more info: 

+44 7825 838 530